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our philosophy is simple:

We won’t place you in a company unless you and your employer are the right “fit.”  

We believe technical precision and creative expression go hand in hand in our field, and regulatory executive search and recruitment is no exception. The bedrock of what we do comes from finding the right “fit” for both the employer and the candidate. We will have your needs and qualifications in mind when matching you with potential employers, and we won’t be satisfied unless you both are excited about the hiring process.

Recent placements

  • Regulatory Affairs Executive Director
  • Regulatory Affairs Vice President
  • Regulatory Affairs Executive Director Compliance
  • Regulatory Affairs Senior Vice President
  • Regulatory Affairs Director Labeling
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I had the pleasure of working with ERAPS while going through a workforce-reduction layoff and it was a wonderful experience during a difficult and stressful time. They are patient, attentive and really know the regulatory affairs job market! Their years of experience, relationship-building approach and even-keeled demeanor were reassuring as I had not previously worked with a recruiter for a truly was a partnered experience.

senior manager, regulatory affairs

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the "purple-headed squirrel" syndrome

We understand that our clients are looking for the ideal candidate who possesses all of the necessary attributes, both tangible and intangible. We would call this the "purple-headed squirrel.” While recognizing this constant challenge we narrow the must-haves vs like-to-haves in order to create a clear search parameter for our clients and find the candidate that most suits your needs. The biopharma industry is fast-paced and built on data, speed and momentum. You may be our ideal candidate if you possess the desire to challenge your technical knowledge, while learning to have a healthy sense of humility for a regulatory opportunity that demands excellence and precision in equal measure.

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